The essence of this product is keeping your website’s prices safe from unwanted bots. There are many kinds of bots in the e-commerce market, which scan websites to inform your competitors of your website products prices. Our extension know to show the prices in your website only to those who are buying oriented that is your real visitors.

Control who is watching your price

How does it work?


In this stage you can define which products prices you wish to block from the competitors bots. This includes all available levels on your website (the check is being done by scanning the active templates on your site). You can also pick the font-size, the image background and define the width and height of the image you wish to create for the price.

This is how it looks like.

After installation we will see the products prices as an image. The extension not only transforms the price into an image, but also checks different display parameters, in order to block image-analyzing scanning bots.
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